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Intersoft d.o.o.

InterSoft ltd was founded in Subotica in 1992 as a private software organization. For it's 26 years of existence it became well known regional software development company in different business areas. It is renowned by it's high standard and quality in projecting, building, implementation and maintenance of ERP systems in the ORACLE platform.
Our long partnership with well ORACLE is a guaranty of software solutions that are on high technological level and coherent with modern trends in development of information and communication technologies.

InterSoft mainly does projecting, building, implementation, maintenance and post development of integral information systems (ERP) in different business domains.

InterSoft has complete highly skilled of professionals that consists of doctors and masters of computer science, master and bachelor engineers of economics, that have decades of experience in projecting, building, implementation and maintenance of integral of information systems.

Đure Đakovića 2 / IV / 12, 24000 Subotica
+381 (0) 24 557613