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Manufaktura is a company with 14 years of business experience in domestic and international market in the field of Internet engineering. The focus of our business is digital product quality and fast and effective service that contributes to the base of satisfied and loyal customers.


Business is based on the expertise in the following areas: development of web applications / web design / development of digital brands / database design / hosting and maintenance / development of custom software / geographic information system (GIS) / mobile application development / graphic design / photo 360 ° tour and many others.


The company employs 27 highly educated: programmers, mathematicians, electrical engineers and designers. We are fully dedicated to a small number of clients, while projects are implemented by small and scalable project teams. Depending on the size and complexity,  projects are implemented in SCRUM framework respecting the cultural and business diversity of our clients.

web applications
web design
Pap Pala 35, 24000 Subotica