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Tippnet Internet

TippNet is the leading internet provider in the region. The company has grown out of the BBS network into an Internet provider that has c.a. 6000 happy users. A pioneer in bringing wireless service to the country and has been the leader of the system for 9 years.

TippNet brought Internet into Subotica back in 1997. In 2000 the company provided wireless service for companies, and in the following 2 years it became available for everyday users. In 2006 ADSL service is provided by TippNet, while 5G Internet is brought into the country in 2010.


Fast, stable and quality Internet connection is provided for companies and everyday users. Additional tasks:

-planning, introduction and support of networks

-production, selling and maintenance of computers and computer parts

-software development and selling

-web presentations

-web hosting, registering national and international users and other activities


Person in charge

Bela Vojnić Zelić, director


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Karađorđev put 2, 24000 Subotica, Serbia