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Webinarium is an association with the aim of bringing together people who use the internet for their work. It was founded in 2015, but started its work back in 2014. Its main purpose is to share infromation via Internet, digital marketing, freelance communication while strengthening the national IT community.

Webinarium organizes meetings, courses, workshops and much more events for the community. It hosted the first coworking in Subotica. One of its most interesting projects is "Via Lingua Subotica" that is an English language school for both kids and adults.



Person in charge:

Željko Crnjaković, director of the association


Learn more about us from our website or from social networks:



Coworking Subotica pictures:





1. more than 40 webinars


2. Webiz and IT Konekt Webinars


3. Introducing Webinarium (Tjedan design, Zagreb, May 2015)


4. Presentation about IT konekt conference (Beograd, April 2015)


5. Google Adwords presentation organised with TopNet Marketing Agency from Beograd (Subotica, October 2015)


6. Presentation about the use of Webinarium for business purposes (InCentar, Beograd, June 2015)


7. The opening of Coworking in Subotica (October 2015)


online courses
best practices stories
Matije Korvina 17, 24000 Suboica, Serbia