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Aiming for the development of information technology in Subotica and in its surroundings the founders of the Information-technology cluster Subotica (later referred to as: Business association) BUSINESS ASSOCIATION in this Statue lays down the purpose of their relation to the Business Association and others such as purposes of the foundation in accordance with the common goals and interests.

Objectives and tasks of the Business Association:

  • implementing and protection of  the common interests and needs of the members concerning IT activities,
  • establish a unified system for informing the members about all questions concerning IT activities,
  • represents and protects the interests of the members in front of governmental, commercial and other organs,
  • provides technical help and advice for its members
  • plans and promotes the development of IT activities in Subotica and in its surroundings,
  • realises cooperation between IT organisations and national associations, and associations of the regions of the European Union and the world,
  • follows regulations, the state of problems of IT activities in Serbia, and makes proposals to governmental organs in order to incite them in taking action concerning this field of expertise,
  • incite IT work, introduce new up-to-date technologies and put them into practice,
  • laying down standards and regulations, and define its role in environmental protection
  • introducing and promoting new scientific findings and their practical use
  • inform public opinion and other organizations, and implementing marketing activities such as propaganda,
  • improves and protects solidarity and mutuality between cluster members and other partners concerning the goods and services’ place on the market in the IT sector,
  • organises trainings for representatives and others who are interested through organizing seminars, workshops, study abroad programs, and specific trainings which are made possible through cooperating with research- and educational institutions with the aim of teaching and providing professional training for the members and to broaden their minds.