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Heapcon​ is a regional tech conference for software engineers and tech businesses organized by the ​Heapspace​ community, taking place in Belgrade, 3rd-4th October.

Heapspace enriched the conferences offer in this part of Europe, bringing Voxxed Days Belgrade as a franchise of one of the biggest independent conferences in the world – Devoxx. 

DrupalCamp Pannonia is event being held in the Pannonia region. The first iteration of this Drupal camp was in Palić, Serbia on November 2-3, 2018. Palić event is being organized by joint forces of two Drupal development agencies.

Our main goal with this year's DrupalCamp is to put the area of Pannonian region to the Drupal map and to create a hub for everyone in the Drupal world who’s interested in what this region has to offer. 

A meeting of all members of the cluster and the Board of the Association will be organized at the School of Tehnical Science (street Marka Oreškovića No. 16) 21.11.2016. starting at 17:00.

The agenda will be published later.

Founding of IT Cluster is of great importance for the city of Subotica and the region. This is evidenced by the great interest of local firms to join and participate in the future projects.

Connecting IT companies and  institutions at local and regional level will significantly contribute to the competitiveness of domestic companies, better communication and opportunities for education and training of future IT professionals.

The IT Cluster Subotica Team invites educational institutions to join them, namely the University of Novi Sad, the Faculty of Economics and the Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences.

As the importance of IT Cluster strengthens in the field of economics, more companies will be interested who need professional IT services. There is a growing demand for IT services in the business world, and the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources is also a vital factor within the branch. The IT Cluster invites IT comapnies with different fields of expertise to join their team, communicate and come up with new ideas in order to work on establishing a better foundation that offers simpler and more creative solutions for those who require IT services.

When the idea was born to gather together companies who would like to work on the territories of Subotica, the first steps in the foundation of It Cluster Subotica were taken. It was created to be a base for cooperation aimed at raising awareness about the importance of the IT sector in the fields of economics as a result of which the exchange of ideas and resources between Cluster members, the mapping and training of human resources in the IT sector would be the future of Subotica.