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When people think of Subotica, first association with it is that it is city in the north of Serbia, city of art-deco, Danilo Kis, village houses, wineries, Palic lake, impressive city hall, second largest synagogue in the Europe... However something that many people don't know is that lately Subotica has become a real IT city.  

New renewed computer laboratory was opened at Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences. Renovation and redesign of laboratory was sponsored by Studio Present agency. With this project Subotica Tech got a new and modern laboratory with cosy ambient.

Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences will soon get two new devices with an android operating system.

These devices wil run video games that students will be able to play during the breaks between the lectures. ICBTech, Subotica based company that is one of founders of IT Cluster Subotica, took care of technical settings of devices and delivered these devices to Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences.

This year's IT4Business conference brought in over 160 participants, whom had chance to hear from domestic and foreign experts on topics such as digital business and new trends in the world of digital technologies.

This wasn 2nd IT4Business conference that was orgnized by Subotica IT Cluster. Photos from conference can be found on the following link here.

Oliver Guganovic, manager of Subotica IT Cluster and Milan Solaja, director of Vojvodina ICT were guests on Radio Television of Vojvodina. They spoke about Checkpoint IT Community IPA project that they work together on, jointed with partners from Szeged. Among to topics were cooperation, potential of IT in Vojvodina and level of education. You can check complete show on the YouTube.



Heapcon​ is a regional tech conference for software engineers and tech businesses organized by the ​Heapspace​ community, taking place in Belgrade, 3rd-4th October.

Heapspace enriched the conferences offer in this part of Europe, bringing Voxxed Days Belgrade as a franchise of one of the biggest independent conferences in the world – Devoxx. 

DrupalCamp Pannonia is event being held in the Pannonia region. The first iteration of this Drupal camp was in Palić, Serbia on November 2-3, 2018. Palić event is being organized by joint forces of two Drupal development agencies.

Our main goal with this year's DrupalCamp is to put the area of Pannonian region to the Drupal map and to create a hub for everyone in the Drupal world who’s interested in what this region has to offer. 

A meeting of all members of the cluster and the Board of the Association will be organized at the School of Tehnical Science (street Marka Oreškovića No. 16) 21.11.2016. starting at 17:00.

The agenda will be published later.

Founding of IT Cluster is of great importance for the city of Subotica and the region. This is evidenced by the great interest of local firms to join and participate in the future projects.

Connecting IT companies and  institutions at local and regional level will significantly contribute to the competitiveness of domestic companies, better communication and opportunities for education and training of future IT professionals.

The IT Cluster Subotica Team invites educational institutions to join them, namely the University of Novi Sad, the Faculty of Economics and the Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences.