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Membership in the Business Association is voluntary, the legal entity can become a member of the Association who fulfils the requirements of the Constitution, and signs the Memorandum of the Business Association (later referred to as: permanent members).

Signing the Contract of Membership is another possibility for an organization to join the Business Association. The organization hands in a membership application to the Committee, it reviews the application taking into consideration the opinion of the Association's director. The Committee makes a proposal and the Assembly decides upon the membership request together with members of the Association via majority vote.

The voting process can be done electronically if the members of the Association have no objection against it.

Members of the Business Association have equal rights and responsibilities.

The Business Association can have honorary members. Honorary members of the Association are legal entities, governmental or non-profit organizations, and physical entities, whose task and interests are to contribute to the development of the IT sector. Honorary members take part in the work of the Association as requested by the Committee with no decision-making rights. 

The Business Association can have registered members. Registered members of the Association are legal entities who want to take part in the work of the Association but they have no management, nor decision-making rights.

The rights and obligations of registered members are governed by the regulations of the Association's Committee.

Members of the Association can realise their rights, obligations and responsibilities through their representation in the Business Association.