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Subotica IT cluster

IT Cluster Subotica was founded to bring together local IT companies or IT companies nearby that have intentions to work on the territories of Subotica.
The aim of the Cluster is to promote the quality of life, better communication between local authorities and the members of the cluster.
We would like to raise awareness of the importance of good communication, and cooperation between different companies and institutions that depend on new technologies. These will contribute to the progress of the association, reduction of operational costs and to the profit increase for some companies. 
The Cluster will provide opportunity for young people to stay in their hometown where they can work, make progress, and have a competitive salary. 
We believe that a connection between companies, local authorities, people, knowledge and technologies will result in common goal that will be achieved with help from the IT Cluster Subotica.



When people think of Subotica, first association with it is that it is city in the north


New renewed computer laboratory was opened at Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences


Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences will soon get two new devices with an android operating system.

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