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Pont Systems

The Pont Systems Group was formed after 3 successful attempts. The Hungarian member of the Group, the Pont System House, was founded back in 1996 by young experts who aimed at providing the clients of the IT market with quality service.  From the beginning they headed towards deployment, workflow and document management. Today they are a small international company that first had only 3 members and has grown into a regional software house with 80 employers. In 2015 the Pont Systems House parent company changed its name and legal status that is Pont Systems Ltd.

Thank to the dynamic development, the company management has decided to expand abroad. In 2008 they were present in Romania, then in 2010 they received a grant for business foundation in Serbia which was only awarded to successful companies dealing with software developement. As a result of which the Pont Systems Group was established that has a representation in several countries (Romania, Serbia, Germany, Vietnam) and provides service for its clients especially in the banking- and governmantal sector, and large firms.The company has recently broadened its range of services with a new dimension, Pont Apps, which manages web- and mobile applications.

The Hungarian representation of the Pont Systems Group was awarded the title of the 30th most successful IT company on the Technology Fast50 competition taking place in Cental Europe in 2007, while in 2005 it won the title of the "Qualified Company" in the magazine called Business&Success..

Commitment, ambitious leaders and experts, loyal workforce and the flexibility of the company together with the technology are the key concepts to success and dynamic growth.

The philosophy of the company relies on the quality work done with clients who are the basis of success.


• ApplicaDon IntegraDon
• IT Outsource
• Content Management
• Business Intelligence
• SoLware TesDng
• IT ConsulDng
• Databases
• Business Process Management
• Support
• Mobile Development
• Web Development

Reference and clients
• Budapest Bank
• Raiffeisen Bank
• CIB Bank
• GE


Person in charge
Nandor Stanko

Facebook: hpps://

web applications
web design
Maksima Gorkog 23, 24000 Subotica, Serbia